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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

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Fern Wolf

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Popular Interviews

Popular Interviews



Hripsik Sarkissian

VP, Malvern Public School
Nikole lives to share her passion about environment, global warming, sustainability and living well. She has prepared an extensive program about climate change for our junior students that were introduced to the latest climate change information.

Ryan Demchuk

Master Business Developer
Nikole is an exceptional leader, and selflessly devoting her time and incredible energy to the world and everyone that surrounds her. She is extremely well respected and admired by all her peers, and is an inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to connect with her.

Melody Hossaini

Founder & CEO InspirEngage Ltd.
Nikole & I are both Al Gore trainees, and met at the Al Gore Global Reunion in Amsterdam. Nikole is one of the most unforgettable and inspirational people I know. Most of all, she has a heart of gold-she truly cares about the work she does.