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We specialize in gathering the latest information, techniques, events, news and partnerships that business, individuals, organizations through our amazing weekly guest speakers, special events, workshops/seminars and live events. You get a private half hour consultation session with our Founder/ CEO Nikole Bélanger. We recommend an amazing list of services, a list of documentaries and articles. The goal is for you and your organization to become more aware and eco-friendly. Our Green and Online Directory will get you straight into the type of environment you want to have access to; amazing services and professionals that LIVE & THINK GREEN!!!
You get exclusive access to the most progressive information hub. As well as the most innovative ideas and practices that enable your businesses be more cost-effective and eco-friendly.
There is a significant financial benefit. You end up paying much less per month on a yearly account.
We focus specifically on providing up-to date information that is easily accessible. We also make it our priority to discuss and present why this information will be great for you, your business, or organization to THINK & LIVE GREEN.

Green Leaders Directory

Once signed on to our online WIN GREEN LEADERS Directory you will be able to showcase your Business, Company, Practice NGO or Organization. In addition to this, you will also be able to display what your organization has done specifically towards being more eco-friendly and aware. This can include your everyday practice and policies you implement as a group, or the yearly events and campaigns geared towards eco-friendly goals.
NIKOBEL Solutions has a long history and reputation as a leader of implementing change whilst working with a comprehensive list of reputable Businesses, NGO’s and organizations. Going with us enables you to gain great exposure and exclusive access to this unique pool of clients. We help ensure you have an impressionable online presence on our platform to encourage interaction and engagement within a forward thinking and eco-friendly group.
We list and partner with the most environmentally friendly, innovative and forward thinking professionals & Companies. We focus on presenting detailed information on what each group does, while providing an accessible and professional online image to encourage dialogue, engagement and collaboration within our space. We also enable clients to review your services, display your environmental actions and policies, display your level of transparency, access promotional video and access special discounts and events.

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