Brandon Hebor2

Brandon Hebor

Ripple operates as a social enterprise, using agri-technologies to provide healthy food to local restaurants 365 days a year. We currently work out of compact urban farming units that require less than 200 square feet. The innovative design of our units allows them to be portable (when dry), resource efficient and low maintenance with app integrated technology. Our farms showcase the ability to produce healthy food in the core of urban areas while acting as educational hubs for hands-on workshop engagements. A single unit has the ability to grow enough leafy greens for a small business, restaurant or community. The vision of Ripple Farms is to create sustainable communities and cities by providing people with access to local, healthy and affordable food year-round. Brandon has an Honours BSc in Environmental Science and Urban Sociak Geography from McMaster University. Complimenting this is a post graduate degree in Green Business Management from Seneca College. Steven has a BBA with specialization in Sustainability from Trent University. He also completed a post graduate degree in Green Business Management at Seneca, two years before Brandon. Our farming passions stem from different places, but align as we both have a strong passion for the environment, social equality and purposeful business.

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