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Fern Wolf


Fern Wolf has worked in the field of Energy Medicine since 1999 when she was trained in the field of Bio-Feedback technology. This was the beginning of an exciting learning journey which has given her the tools to help her clients find solutions to difficult health challenges outside of mainstream medicine. Fern remembers the pain of walking the terminal cancer path with her mother in 1984. They didn’t know where else to turn for answers when no hope was being offered by the medical professionals. She now knows there is hope and answers and she has spent the last eighteen years sharing what she has learned. It has been her quest to give people safe, effective, affordable options to restoring health in every area. In 2012 Fern was introduced to Source Energy Medicine and Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy (tapping solutions). She credits these two energy modalities as the main reason for the fast and lasting results that her clients experience. Fern’s goal as a holistic practitioner is to offer alternatives to expensive and sometimes toxic therapies. Fern contributes to ‘green living’ by providing health solutions that use good quality water and Source Energy Medicine charging labels and by teaching how to tap on the body’s meridian path ways for fast, simple, safe relief from the constant barrage of stressors that rob us of our peace. Regardless of the source of the stress be it environmental, relationship, health or finances, Fern has witnessed remarkable success with her clients using the Callahan Technique of tapping. Fern teaches large audiences how to incorporate these simple tools for wellbeing into everyday life.

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